The Diversity Trust Podcast #5 Tanmanjeet Dhesi MP – Faith Equality

  Listen to the full podcast interview here… The Diversity Trust #5 [The Diversity Trust Podcast] Tanmanjeet Dhesi – Faith Activist  Listen to a snippet here…  [#5 Soundbite 1] Tanmanjeet Dhesi MP – Words Have Consequences  “… when individuals in places of prominence, whether that is in public life, whether that’s in politics, whether that’s … Continued

The Diversity Trust Podcast #4 Stella Creasy MP – Gender Equality

Listen to the full podcast interview here… Listen to a snippet here… “I think what the challenge is, is that all-women shortlists – and, indeed, BAME shortlists – are not in themselves enough. It’s not enough to say, ‘We should get more diversity in the room’. It’s then, what happens when you’re in the room? … Continued

The Diversity Trust Podcast #1 Christine Burns – Transgender Activist – PART 1

Christine Burns, MBE, is an activist fighting for transgender rights; she’s been involved in the trans community for several decades.    She’s known for her work with Press for Change and has worked as an equalities consultant.  She helped put together new employment legislation and the Gender Recognition Act, and wrote the first ever official guidance about trans health for the Department of Health.