Transgender rights have become an urgent political issue. But the transgender community is very diverse and poorly understood after years of misgendering, misinformation and stereotyping.

Our training is aimed at those working in the public, private, social purpose and voluntary and community sectors. It is relevant to administrators, practitioners, staff and managers.

The overall aim of the course is to help organisations improve the services they deliver to transgender people.

The course includes:

  • What is Trans? – trans people from a biological, social and historical viewpoint;
  • Trans lives – What is involved in gender transition, and what issues do trans people face during and after the process?
  • Using the right words – A guide to the complexities of trans language; and
  • Trans people and the law – the Gender Recognition Act, the Equality Act and more.

Full course

While we aim to deliver as much of the material as possible online, we believe that it is important that trainees have personal interaction with trans people. Our full half-day course therefore comprises:

  • The four modules listed above as pre-recorded material to be watched before the course (total running time approx. 70 minutes);
  • A two hour live online session with 5 trans trainers with plenty of time for discussion in small groups.

This course is for no more than 20 people at a time to allow for plenty of personal interaction and is charged at the standard half-day rate.

Individual tuition

For very small groups we offer the same course with a single trainer. This comprises:

  • Access to the pre-recorded material; and
  • A 1-hour live online session with one of our senior trans trainers.

The cost is based on our standard hourly rate, with a one-hour fee for access to the pre-recorded material and one hour per person for the live course. For groups of four or more the full course is more economic.


For clients with a large number of people to train we also offer the course as a live webinar. This comprises:

  • The course material delivered live over 90 minutes by one of our senior trans trainers;
  • A 30-minute moderated question and answer session.

This version of the course is again charged at the half-day rate and is for up to 100 people at a time. There will be an opportunity for the class to interact with the trainer during the Q&A.

Transgender Awareness Course Outline

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