Build on your existing knowledge, expertise and skills

Increase your understanding of disability equality & access issues

Increase your knowledge and confidence in how to assist and communicate with Disabled people

  • Different ways of thinking about disability
  • Legal duty
  • Appropriate language to use
  • Practical advice on how to offer assistance
  • Tips for situations you may find yourself in
  • Question Time

About the Trainer

Samantha Renke is a broadcaster, actor, campaigner and educator; she wears many hats and has many labels including inspirational and burden.

In the sessions we will take an honest, no bars spared look into how disability is viewed today. We will be unpacking the harmful stereotypes disabled people face and how our own unconscious bias impacts the disability community and adds to further marginalisation of the largest minority group. We will touch on the medical model and social model of disability from Samantha’s own lived experiences whilst addressing ableism and how you can become an ally of the disability community and understand why disability isn’t a dirty word.

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