We manage a specialist LGBTQ youth services in South Gloucestershire called Alphabets and support LGBTQ youth groups, in partnership, with Creative Youth Network. We have also been working with Stonewater and Out of the Can in Swindon and Wiltshire. To make a referral for a young person please complete this form 121 Referral Form – The Diversity Trust CIC.

Our LGBTQ youth projects are open to any Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or Questioning (LGBTQ) young person between the ages of 13 and 19. We also provide outreach to schools, colleges, youth groups, youth centres; as well as one-to-one mentoring support for LGBTQ young people, their parents and families. Please use the Contact page to find out more about our youth services and to get in contact. You can also make a referral 121 Referral Form – The Diversity Trust CIC

 Download the poster as a PDF Alphabets poster

You can listen to a talk all about Alphabets LGBTQ youth project and the work we do (via YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vv6I5EpIVA

We work in partnership in Hanham to deliver wellbeing sessions for LGBTQ young people, more details can be found via Creative Youth Network https://www.creativeyouthnetwork.org.uk/lgbt-wellbeing-group

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Here is some of the feedback we have received about our LGBTQ youth work.

“For me as a volunteer, Alphabets is brilliant. I get to see LGBTQ+ youth come and be themselves without fear or worry of being rejected. It gives everyone a safe space to fully be them and just have time to be a teen rather than trying to fight every day to be recognised as who they are.” Volunteer

“The youth group is important to me, because it provides a safe space where I feel completely accepted no matter how I may present myself. I know I am cared for and surrounded by people who not only understand how I feel, but also care about my feelings and support me in whatever I do. It means a lot to me.” Member

“This group provides a safe space for teens like us to meet people like ourselves.” Member

“I think that having a safe space like this is important for young members of the LGBT+ community because it allows us to be ourselves and to feel secure and happy.” Member

“Good, supportive environment, meet people. Make connections.” Member

“Somewhere I can go and be myself without worry of judgement and where I feel normal.” Member

“It’s a place that lets me meet people whose become much like a second family.” Member

“Alphabets helps me because it lets me meet other LGBTQ+ people my age.” Member

“I think that the group is an amazing place for young people, a place where people can meet new friends and have fun with activities and also finding yourself. Also the people in the Alphabets group are amazing people and willing to help anyone.” Member

“I think that Alphabets is important to me because I get to meet new people and have fun with the activities and if I have a problem at home or school I can talk to them about it. Alphabets is a really nice relaxing group to go to.” Member

“My child goes to the LGBTQ youth cafe and I’ve seen them benefit hugely. Thanks to lottery funding, the monthly group gives my child more contact, continued inclusion and acceptance. They’re with a group of peers who have similar thoughts, feelings and emotions. I know joining the group has helped my child find the confidence to come out to us this month. Although it was obvious to us, and they were already attending the group, it was still a huge thing for them to do. Their confidence came from the support that this group offers. Teenagers need to feel supported and not alone. If we give young people the best support and care we can, then surely they’ll be better equipped to face adulthood with all its challenges.” Parent

“M has really enjoyed attending LGBTQ+ and meeting other LGBTQ+ people his age. He has very much enjoyed talking about what’s important to him, as well as learning from others.” Parent

“I love Alphabets because it gives (member) a safe supported space to socialise with other like-minded kids.” Parent

“Alphabets is a space where young people can be themselves with no one prejudging them, a safe and supportive space, a place to take time out and be themselves.” Youth Worker

“I’m really struck again by what a wonderfully supportive group you have, both times I have felt really welcomed.” Helen Cleugh, Drug & Alcohol Team, South Gloucestershire Council

“The Alphabets youth group is a VITAL resource for the well-being of all LGBT+ young people, with so many of our young LGBT+ people having mental health struggles, to have somewhere to go to talk and listen to like-minded others is a huge advantage.” Sue Allen, FFLAG Bristol

“The Alphabets Youth Group in South Gloucestershire provides a unique and essential safe space for LGBT+ young people in the authority area.  Working with partners across the local Youth Service they offer the only youth provision for LGBT+ residents in South Gloucestershire and enables our young people access to friendship, activities, practical advice and responsible role modelling at a formative time in their lives.  The provision of the group continues to demonstrate that LGBT+ young people, who are measurably vulnerable to issues around self-esteem, are cherished, celebrated and catered for. The high profile of the Alphabets Youth Group across the local youth service ensures that LGBT+ young people have a voice and the reassurance there is a service available for them, even if they choose to not directly access the group.” Ian Boulton, Chair, South Glos LGBTQ Equality Network

Get in Contact

If you are an LGBTQ young person and you would like to join our Facebook groups, and join the chat, please click below.

Alphabets LGBTQ, South Gloucestershire https://www.facebook.com/groups/LGBTQyate/

You can download, print and display our poster (PDF) Alphabets poster

South Gloucestershire Council have developed a web page, with advice and guidance for young LGBTQ people, click here

Resources for LGBTQ young people, their families, and allied professionals The Diversity Trust – Alphabets LGBTQ – Resources for young people (March 2020)


South gloucestershire youth services

You can read more about our South Gloucestershire Youth Partnership on this interactive leaflet about the partnership South Glos Youth Services – online

Further Advice and Support

We recommend the following support organisations for LGBTQ young people and their families.

Off the Record (Bristol) – support for LGBTQ young people around Bristol http://www.otrbristol.org.uk/what-we-do/freedom/

Off the Record (Bath) – support for LGBTQ young people around Bath http://www.offtherecord-banes.co.uk/lgbt-space

2BU Somerset (Taunton) – support for young people around Somerset https://www.2bu-somerset.co.uk

Mermaids – family and individual support for gender diverse and transgender children and young people… website

Gendered Intelligence – delivering arts programmes and creative workshops to trans young people across the UK … website

FFLAG – national charity supporting parents and their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans sons and daughters… website

Mind Trans Plus Helpline – a confidential emotional and mental health support helpline and signposting service for people who identify as Trans, A Gender, Gender Fluid, Non-binary. Telephone 0300 330 5468. Check website for opening times… website

If you would like to find an LGBTQ youth group in your area then visit The Proud Trust website