Black and Minority Ethnic staff are less likely to progress in the workplace to senior positions or to receive equal pay and pay parity than other staff. Utilising a ‘positive action’ approach, through BME talent retention and development, is one proven way of making staff feel valued, equipped and better able to make a positive contribution.

The aim of the course is to help individuals realise and unlock their potential to lead and achieve in an increasingly competitive environment. It also helps organisations to take effective steps to engage and empower staff. Providing staff with skills and tools to make a difference alongside effectively managing and responding to change. Most importantly it will enable organisations to utilise the untapped talent of black and ethnic minority staff and create a fair and equitable high-performance culture.

‘The potential benefit to the UK economy from full representation of BME individuals across the labour market through improved participation and progression is estimated to be £24 billion per annum, which represents 1.3% of GDP100’ – McGregor-Smith Review 2017

This development programme will be tailored to your organisations’ unique requirements: it will be bespoke, co-created with BME staff and networks. It will include an up to 7 day undertaking, including face to face workshops, along with additional out of session coaching, support and networking facilitated by our friendly and experienced trainers.

The structure and content days/modules include:

  • Self/Progressive Mastery presence and power
  • The intersection between identity and leadership è Qualities and Attributes of Leadership
  • Networks and Models of influences
  • Managing and Improving Services
  • Managing Relationships
  • Developing Coaching and Communication Skills
  • Development of vision and leadership development goals
  • Facilitation in building of effective operational, personal and strategic networks

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