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The next steps towards achieving a gender inclusive culture.

It’s been wonderful over the last few years to see the number of people demonstrating their understanding of gender diversity by adding their preferred pronouns to email signatures, business cards and professional profiles. 6 million people on LinkedIn have added their pronouns to their profiles in the last year alone and we know that approximately … Continued

Disability, Education & Work

Having been through the mainstream education system as a special needs student, I have definitely had my ups and downs.  Primary and secondary school were fine (I did the same lessons as everyone else). However, attitudes changed when I left secondary school to become a college student.

Four things young professionals need to remember when working from home

For some individuals, the opportunity to work predominantly from home suits their working style or personality far better. For instance, this guide on neurodiversity in the workplace suggests that many neuro-diverse workers will feel more comfortable working away from others, and this should be supported by employers through more flexible working policies.

The Diversity Trust Podcast #11 Hira Ali – Allyship and advancing your potential

Listen to the full podcast interview here… #11 [The Diversity Trust Podcast] Hira Ali – Allyship and advancing your potential Listen to a snippet here… [#11 Soundbite 1] Hira Ali – Harmful gender stereotypes “…it’s really important to start questioning these harmful norms, since childhood, parents need to question this, educators, teachers need to question … Continued