We work with a range of clients and partners to design and build in-house and bespoke virtual training, virtual events, webinars and e-Learning packages. We are able to execute this with a range of themes including Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for workplaces:

  • To listen to our Founder, Berkeley Wilde:
    • contribute to a session on how an inclusive workplace environment should be created, as well as understanding the value of the LGBTQ+ community, in June 2021, click here.
    • deliver an on-line presentation for LGBT History Month 2021, click here.
  • Listen to an example of a ‘live’ webinar on intersectionality with Dr Edson Burton and Berkeley Wilde, working in partnership with the LGBT Consortium.
  • You can also watch our pilot Zoom webinar on Diversity and Inclusion with Berkeley Wilde here.
  • Have a look at our free taster e-Learning course on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, here.
  • To meet some of our trainers, and their introductory videos on It’s About Race (via Flipgrid) click here.

For more on virtual collaborations, please get in contact to discuss how we can support your business or organisation with the development of an interactive virtual offering.

To read our client testimonials click here.


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