This course enables organisations to continue to strive to support the creation of an inclusive and safe community. To achieve this, we are launching this workshop as part of the ‘It’s About Race’ series of training.

Attending one of these 2 – 3hour sessions will equip you with tools to become more confident to challenge racial prejudice and racism, understand how privilege can be used for benefit, learn how to be an ally and anti-racist, and how to become an active bystander.

You will have some pre-session materials, to be ready for the session, you will be able to practise and to have some conversations during the session and we will share with you some post-session materials if you want to work further in this area.

The course includes

  • Challenging scenarios and case studies
  • Creating a learning and inclusive environment and culture
  • Effective and respectful communications
  • Responsible Allyship and Becoming Anti-Racist
  • Speaking out and being an ‘Active Bystander’


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