What other people have said about us

“The Diversity Trust gave expert and interesting equality training to our staff, including staff from our Contraceptive and Sexual Health services. It was thought-provoking and challenging and has made us think about service provision in new ways.”

Lucy Nicholls, Patient Experience Manager, Somerset NHS Partnership Trust

“Berkeley Wilde supported us to recruit and train a diverse group of volunteers who are now working with us in an informed way to assess our performance and make improvements in our approaches to equality and diversity. Berkeley’s style is lively, engaging and challenging; and his creative approach enabled us to accommodate different access and language needs. The volunteers reported that they enjoyed a positive experience of training, building or extending their understanding of the Equality Act 2010, the Public Sector Equality Duty and the NHS Equality Delivery System. Individuals also felt more empowered to support or advocate on behalf of their own communities and disadvantaged groups in general.”

David Harris, Senior Equality Advisor, NHS South of England

“Next Link Domestic Abuse Services and the Diversity Trust have been funded by the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commission to work together on a pilot project to improve access to Domestic Abuse Services for […[ victims. This year long project started in June 2014 and as part of the project the Diversity Trust undertook to train Domestic Abuse specialist staff across Avon and Somerset in […] awareness and what could be put in place to improve access to services.”

“As part of the training programme, the Diversity Trust provided specific training to Next Link staff which has been tremendously valuable. The training has been well thought out, with clear learning outcomes, pitched at the right level for our staff and delivered using a variety of methods which were both informative and encouraged active engagement from participants. The evaluations from the training courses were overwhelmingly positive; but of more significance is that we have seen referrals to our services for […] victims rise significantly over the year. We have seen this across our services including Missing Link (support services for women with mental health needs) SAFE Link (Support for victims of rape and sexual assault) as well as Next Link Domestic Abuse Services.”

“All staff have an individual learning and development plan and as part of their core training undertake diversity awareness training. We evaluate all the training undertaken by staff and the training given by the Diversity Trust scored very highly. We will certainly be engaging them for future […] awareness training.”

Pommy Harmar, Senior Manager, Next Link Domestic Abuse Services

“The Diversity Trust has worked with us in the past to roll out awareness-raising and training and we hope to build on this relationship to capture the voices of […] patients. To this end, we have asked the Diversity Trust to brief our engagement advisory group and the chairs of the 75 patient participation groups in Somerset on the findings of its work and the implications when engaging and including […] patients. By learning from the Trust’s specialist knowledge and experience of working with […] other vulnerable communities, we as a CCG can ensure that the services we commission are inclusive and that […] patients’ voices inform our future service planning, re-design and delivery.”

Jill Downey, Patient, Public and Carer Involvement Manager, Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group

“Work was commissioned from the Diversity Trust on behalf of North Bristol NHS Trust in 2010. This involved research, training and engaging specific equality communities. The quality of this work was noted in a case study which was sent to the NHS on the recommendation of the national Equality lead to be used as a model of good practice nationally. This was in respect of the outcomes of research and engagement that was published as the “Seldom Heard Groups” report. Following on from this the Diamond Cluster group (this comprises equality managers from NHS Trusts, CCGS and the South West Commissioning Support Unit for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire) further commissioned work with stakeholders with diverse backgrounds to engage with all these bodies. We look towards continuing and developing our positive working relationship with the Diversity Trust in the future.”

Lesley Mansell, Equality and Diversity Manager, North Bristol NHS Trust