Many companies utilise team building exercises in the hope of improving communication, facilitating bonding between work colleagues and generally encouraging more effective working. This course explores how authentic leaders use sport and a sporting mindset to achieve greater understanding for both managers and employees. The course provides strategies to help motivate and focus for success as well as achieving balance and resilience when things go wrong.

Course Aims: 

  • Create a safe learning environment to explore the question: what is an authentic leader?
  • Understand what is meant by “an effective team”
  • Helping each team member to give their best efforts
  • How authentic leaders can build a unified commitment è How to create a collaborative climate
  • How to create an environment where open communication can flourish
  • How sports people respond to winning and losing and what we can all learn
  • Explore managing or coaching: is there a difference?

Course Content: 

  • Does team building work?
  • Do sports stars bother with team building?
  • What makes a team?
  • Does a team need a leader?
  • What makes an authentic leader?
  • Motivation and where to find it
  • Communication and working better together
  • Teamwork and boosting team performance

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