(2-3 hours)

Inclusive and unbiased practice across the ‘employee life cycle’

The overall aim of the course is to explore and develop a more in-depth understanding of various forms of bias and its impact on the culture and decision-making processes during the ‘employee life cycle’ covering areas such as recruitment, performance and progression.

Through an engaging workshop we will start to identify solutions and processes that will manage and mitigate bias and prepare the ground for increased equity in practice and supporting operational, systemic and cultural change.

This training will benefit your organisation by identifying opportunities to embrace and improve equality, diversity and inclusion as well as being better placed to attract, identify and retain diverse talent.

This interactive workshop will:

  • Prepare individuals and decision-makers to manage and mitigate the risks of bias affecting the outcomes and opportunities.
  • Enable participants to identify the relevant aspects of conscious bias, unconscious bias and structural bias.
  • Increase awareness and signpost participants to specific approaches, methods and processes that can be used to manage and mitigate conscious, unconscious and structural bias.

Content will include:

  • Group work
  • Bias & Implicit Stereotyping
  • Activation techniques in recruitment and selection
  • Bias reduction strategies


Course Outline

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How to Book:

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