This 60 – 90 minute Webinar will benefit organisations looking to embrace and improve diversity and inclusion as well as a current and aspiring talent, leaders and managers.

Our experts will explore what effective approaches can be taken in attracting, engaging and empowering Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff. We will provide participants with tips and tools to make a difference to enable more effective management.

It is time to realise and utilise the untapped talent of black, Asian and minority ethnic staff and communities and create a fair and equitable inclusive high-performance culture.

Discussion and focus will be on the following areas:

Diversity and Inclusion:

➢ What does diversity really mean?
➢ Can you get diversity without inclusion?
➢ Benefits to the business and communities

Attract and Recruitment:

➢ What potential BAME employees are looking for?
➢ Racial Bias & Implicit Stereotyping

Engagement and Retention:

➢ Systemic racism inequality, statistics and the Ethnic pay gap
➢ Macro/Micro aggressions

Maximising Potential:

➢ Leaders responsibility on setting the ‘tone on race’
➢ What can we learn from our competitors?
➢ An Inclusive Approach – The Importance of amplifying the BAME voice


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