This is our introductory course which explores the key themes of Equality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It includes analysis of these key themes and what they mean in practice. It will include an overview of equalities legislation, explore some of the barriers faced by equalities communities and groups and provide an opportunity to embed the course learning into practice. Please note this course is our entry level introductory programme and will be particularly useful for those who have no previous equalities training experience or are requiring a re-fresher.

Course Aims:

  • Create a safe learning environment to explore attitudes, beliefs and values
  • An open, reflective and objective space
  • Time for discussion and self-reflection
  • Cover key equalities legislation, duties and responsibilities
  • Help to make equality, diversity, equity and inclusion relevant to you

Course Content:

  • Overview of equalities law, duties and responsibilities
  • Case studies and case law
  • Definitions of terms including: direct and indirect discrimination, discrimination by association and perception, harassment and victimisation
  • Definitions of positive action, positive discrimination, reasonable adjustments and occupational requirements
  • Language and its impact
  • Why representation matters
  • Introduction to cultural competence
  • Introduction to intersecting identities
  • Introduction to unconscious bias
  • Putting equalities into practice

EDEI Course Outline

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