This 2-hour course is aimed at those working in the private, public, social purpose, voluntary and community sectors and is relevant to all staff including volunteers, practitioners, staff and managers.

Course aims:

The overall aim of the course is to educate individuals in organisations giving them a better, in-depth understanding of various forms of racism, as well as racial bias and the issues affecting the black community in the context of the current climate and black history. The course has a focus on the topics of anti-racism and white privilege and looks to assist organisations in making practical and structural changes that contributes to a positive impact in the fight against racism and racial inequality.

Course content:

  • Scene Setting – Global, national and locally relevant.
  • Anti-Racism – What does this mean?
  • Privileges and Responsibilities. This includes: exploring White Privilege.
  • Racial Bias – A focus on Race and racism ‘challenging the isms’
  • Having difficult conversations about Race – This includes Definitions, terms and language.
  • Micro-Racism: Micro-inequities and aggressions/behaviours.
  • Self-agency and becoming a ‘Change Agent’ This includes advice, guidance and tools in relation to identifying racial discrimination, harassment and bias.

Meet the Team (via flipgrid) includes short videos from the trainers

Cultural Competency sessions are designed to take place after Unconscious Bias and It’s About Race sessions.

Client testimonials

“We have worked with The Diversity Trust to provide diversity training to staff and companions (service users). We also had Russell facilitate a conversation about race for our staff team, it having become apparent that people were not comfortable talking about race. We used this as a starting point to form an anti racist group of staff, companions and a trustee which will develop an anti racist policy and other initiatives. I would recommend The Diversity Trust to any organisation looking to improve, or to reflect on their values and actions when it comes to diversity.”

– Jessica Hodge, Chief Executive, Emmaus Bristol

“The training was fantastic! All the feedback has been really positive and I think we all learnt a lot. It also has led to lots of discussions which has been great, this was the reason why we wanted to start having these types of training session/talks.” – Soona Cherry, FeelUnique

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