We’ve collated feedback from a Transgender Awareness Training session which we delivered to University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust in September 2019.

“We pride ourselves on giving the best possible care to absolutely all of our patients. Bristol is one of the most diverse cities in the UK and we want to make sure that transgender people know that when they come to our hospitals they will receive great care. Working with The Diversity Trust has been instrumental for us in developing a deeper insight into how we can support Trans people both as patients and as members of staff and there has already been a direct impact on improving our practice and making sure we deal sensitively and empathetically with any issues that arise. We are also developing a new Trust-wide policy on Transgender Health, Care and Well-being, which is part of our commitment to continue developing a more inclusive culture across our hospitals that serve the needs of our diverse communities.”  – Tony Watkin, Patient and Public Involvement Lead

I just wanted to let you know that I thought the transgender session that I attended was very good. Well done to the two presenters. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was very good.” – Matron

 I think more time for discussion and questions. It was a brilliant training event and great speakers!” – Clinical Nurse Specialist

 The session was excellent, I really enjoyed it. It might have been beneficial to have some time at the end for the participants to ask more questions or discuss possible scenarios relating to healthcare.” – Head of Nursing

“It was a great talk – challenging my thought processes and making me think really hard about interactions with all patients. I think one of the things I came away thinking was about the anxiety that trans causes staff around ‘getting it right’ or ‘not saying the wrong thing’. I think the message I left with was respect – something every nurse shows her patient’s on a daily basis. We ask ‘how do you like to be known?’ ‘what name do you want to be called by?’. These simple actions we take in day-to-day contact with patient’s need to be valued and emphasised to staff and that they are already employing these skills. Due to brevity of talk and staff mix – children’s couldn’t be touch on as much. It would be really useful to have more specific information for the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. When I’m not a nurse with the Trust I work as a counsellor and the session was so good I am taking it to my counselling organisation and asking them to provide a training day from Diversity Trust. Thank you.” – Nurse Specialist

“I thoroughly enjoyed the awareness event… I thought the speakers … were fantastic and was a really informative session. If possible I’d like to join the (Trust) group in developing the transgender inclusion policy.” – Staff Nurse

 Thank you for organising the training yesterday.  It was an excellent session and very well delivered.” – Specialist Therapist

 It was a pleasure! I wish all staff could attend as even just understanding gender terminology and language is so important! Do we have any documents surrounding this? Just as I’ve started making one for … due to recent discussions explain what the common terms mean etc.” – Clinical Lead

“I really enjoyed the transgender session today. Shame we never had time for a small workshop. I would be happy to be involved in a small group to look at a policy etc.  Also I have attached a picture my son sent me which I received immediately after today’s session. He got the leaflet in his shoe box…liked the content. Please pass on my deepest thanks to … (apologies if I have got their names wrong…I was a couple of minutes late). They were great.” –  Clinical Nurse Specialist

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