Disability Matters

Welcome to Diversity News Spring 2016.

This issue focuses on disability equality. You’ll see our disability equality trainers’ and consultants’. You’ll also read about updating your policies and documents so they meet the Accessible Information Standards, which comes out in July 2016. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will check you’re complying.

As always you’ll see our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training options, including: Achieving Cultural Competence; LGBTQ awareness workshops; and embedding the Accessible Information Standard in your service.

We have several new publications coming out. For instance, as well as this newsletter we also published a magazine for gay and bisexual men. It features our work in Somerset with local councils. We’re also very excited about launching a new report called Improving Access to Domestic Abuse Services for LGBT+. It shows how we’re working with Next Link Housing to explore reaching LGBT+ communities with Domestic Violence and Abuse services.

Coming Soon is our new reports on health inequalities and substance misuse services.

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Enjoy the Spring and reading our newsletter.

Berkeley Wilde, Director of the Diversity Trust

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