The Diversity Trust CIC has been helping develop a new International Code of Practice for Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in the workplace

The Diversity Trust CIC supports organisations both nationally and internationally in capacity building for equality, diversity and inclusion. As such, we are pleased to announce our partnership with the British Standards Institute and the All-in Diversity Project in developing the first International Code of Practice for Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in the Workplace. Director Lou Hart is the Diversity Trust CIC representative on the steering committee to develop the code which will be available for public consultation later this year.

“The Diversity Trust CIC is proud to enhance its Diversity and Inclusion leadership through its participation in the British Standards Institute and All-in Diversity Projects’ Workplace Code of Practice Steering Group,” said Berkeley Wilde, Director of the Diversity Trust CIC. “We think the framework will help all organisations who want to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion – wherever they may be in the world, and whatever type of organisation they are. The standard is useful for businesses, charities, membership associations, public authorities and others. We are confident that fellow Director Lou Hart’s experience, leadership, and skills will help to ensure the Steering Group’s success.”

The specification covers policy development, governance and reputation; management processes, and practices; recruitment and selection, retention and development; workforce make-up and under-represented groups; and touches on concepts such as reverse mentoring, neurodivergence and cognitive diversity as well as intercultural competence.

As a global specification it can be used as a framework by a variety of organisations who can then input their differing legal requirements around diversity and inclusion. As such it is not based on legal requirements in any one country although examples are given. By creating a publicly available broad but detailed specification that organisations can apply at their own pace and implement in their unique operating environments, the Steering Group intends to provide a flexible toolset to aid in developing workplace equality practices, evaluations and assessments.

“Once again the Diversity Trust is at the forefront for leadership in diversity and inclusion through its enthusiastic participation in the new Workplace Code of Practice Steering Group,” said Diversity Trust Chair Derek Froud. “We’re confident that Lou Hart’s participation in the Steering Group will contribute to the development of an effective, global code of practice — one that will serve as an essential tool for organisations seeking to improve equality in the workplace.”

The specification, formally titled “PAS 1948:2020 Diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace – Code of Practice,” is planned for publication by the British Standards Institute in June 2020. The Steering Group’s goal has been to develop the specification through a consensus-building process that includes public consultation which will be run by the British Standards Institute.

David Fatscher, Head of Environment, Social and Governance at the British Standards Institute, said, “It is recognized that diversity is critical for an organisation’s ability to thrive and adapt in a fast-changing environment. The variety of perspectives that diversity brings makes it the crucial ingredient for the innovation that drives business growth. PAS 1948:2020 aims to help build a Code of Practice that will provide recommendations for businesses and organisations across the world to develop and sustain a workplace that supports diversity, equality, and inclusion.”


About the Diversity Trust CIC

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