We hope you like our new website. We launched the new site in July 2018 with a short film about our work on the Home Page. We are going to be developing content for the site and you will see new features coming soon including our new services menu as well as information about our voice and influence projects and our specialist youth services.

We have been working with new clients carrying out diversity and inclusion audits in the tech industry, construction industry and the housing sector. Get in contact if we can help you with accessibility audits, diversity and inclusion audits, staff experience surveys and our other research tools.

As well as this you can read our latest Social Impact Report for 2017-18. Click the link and read about the work we have done over the last year DT_AR_6.

We welcome contributions from our client and partner organisations to our Blogs and our Newsletters so let us know if you would like to submit an article or a blog post.