For the Diversity Trust, Pyxis is a part time youth worker, specialising in working with LGBT+ young people, the adults’ wellbeing group and facilitating education programs in schools.

Originally, Pyxis attended the youth group, Alphabets, in South Gloucestershire, joining at the age of 17.  For Pyxis, it was a relief to find other people with “good news” stories of coming out. Pyxis appreciated the positive adult role models in the group and the non-judgmental atmosphere. When Pyxis aged out of the Alphabets group, they were taken on as a volunteer youth worker when the opportunity arose.

They are driven by a desire to mainstream the LGBT+ community’s experience and to provide support to those who need it. Witnessing the Alphabets group members’ increased confidence and sense of belonging is transformational for Pyxis, a joy to see!

Pyxis works full time as a civil servant.  They are also a committed Guide leader, trampoline coach and part of the Avon Fire and Rescue wind band.