The Diversity Trust is proud to partner with Diverse Recruit.

Diverse Recruit is a matching platform that aims to facilitate the recruitment and onboarding process of diverse professionals by connecting social impact organisations and companies on a shared database of talents.

Recruitment and onboarding processes can sometimes be biased which leads to Minorities often facing unequal opportunities to compete for job positions, this can be due to their gender, origin, physical and mental health, social status or sexuality.  When recruited they can face extra challenges on the onboarding processes due to lack of a culture of diversity in companies.

Companies can benefit from having more diverse teams and better awareness on the benefits of diversity on various aspects such as engagement, innovation, financial results, managerial performances, etc.

Diverse Recruit’s goal is to facilitate the process of targeted recruitment through their web recruitment platform and promoting a truly inclusive recruitment and onboarding process for diverse professionals through their network of partners that offer specialised training on bias-awareness and anti-discrimination and inclusivity.

Click here to visit Diverse Recruit’s website.