We’ve collated feedback from Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training sessions delivered by Berkeley Wilde and Lateesha Osbourne to 1625 Independent People during the period October – December 2020.

These are a selection of testimonials from some of the course participants:

“…I was so impressed with the trainers direct delivery. It was totally unapolagetic on all fronts and I greatly value this and think it leads to a much higher level of communication and feeling of being held.”  – Lucy White

“Really broad subject presented really well. The provision of pre- and post-materials is excellent.” – Melanie Lavin

 “The Diversity Trust are hugely experienced and knowledgeable, and that came through strongly.” – Sanja Taylor

 “I really enjoyed this session. The trainer was interesting but also sensitive. It felt like a safe space to discuss a topic than can be tricky with colleagues.” – Hannah Green

“I particularly valued the way Berkeley presented and facilitated the session and made it feel like a safe space for discussion. I felt that everyone was listened to and encouraged, even if what they had to say was challenging.” – Clare Birch

“I really enjoyed how interactive the session was. Honestly, I was exhausted and really unmotivated to engage at the start, but the session pulled me in with quiz/interactive discussions etc. Thank you..” – Ivana Popov



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