We’ve collated feedback from Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Diversity & Inclusion in Leadership and It’s About Race training sessions delivered by Berkeley Wilde, Russell Thomas and Roger Griffith to Silent Eight during January – February 2021.

This is a testimonial from Silent Eight’s Client Lead:

“We partner with The Diversity Trust to strengthen our inclusive and diverse culture within Silent Eight. The training led by Berkeley Wilde gave us knowledge and boost our awareness in the area of unconscious biases in the workplace. His passion and professional approach rise a need across our leadership team to deepen their knowledge and skills in the area of our company and culture”.Karolina Strzelczyk, Chief Human Resources Officer

And this from Julia Markiewicz, Silent Eight’s CEO:

“Last week our team partnered with Berkeley Wilde of the The Diversity Trust and began the first in a series of Diversity Training workshops.  Fairness, diversity, and inclusion are not just important ideals to us, but we believe they are critical to our success.  We also believe that regular education around these topics is necessary to challenge ourselves and open our minds. We found a great partner in The Diversity Trust and look forward to continuing to work and learn together.  On a personal note, I really appreciate how Berkeley himself makes sure everyone is involved, and we got feedback from our colleagues that the training was amazing and it was very meaningful and worth it.” Julia Markiewicz, CEO 


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