We’ve collated feedback from Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training sessions delivered in partnership with Alex Raikes (Strategic Director, SARI) and Berkeley Wilde (Executive Director, The Diversity Trust) to BrisDoc between April 2020 to May 2021.

This is some of the feedback that we received from the course participants…

“Really positive, refreshing and challenging training. Moving from a passive to more active stance. Have been more active in thinking about E&D in recruitment. Great conversations at home around these issues as I was so excited when I came out of the training last time! Would love everyone to have access to this E&D training.”

“What stayed with me was the importance of actively moving from non- to anti-. Found the video resources really helpful – am now putting together an EDI resource page for BrisDoc! Starting to have ‘difficult’ conversations at home. These can be challenging but are excellent practice for having these conversations at work/in my wider life.”

“I just to say I have really enjoyed these sessions. The previous course was e-learning and very dry and not “real”. The realness of this course, is great and challenging and I appreciate it. It has made me think. Thank you”

“One of things that has absolutely shone through this training is your passion and commitment to E&D as a topic, also the respect you instinctively model and show to and for each other. Thank you for all your excellent work and teaching. So much to think about.”


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