Welcome to the Diversity Trust Summer Newsletter 2020!
This issue is full to the brim with updates and information for you to enjoy.

Welcome to our Summer 2020 newsletter. I hope everyone is staying safe and well during what are challenging and unprecedented times for all. As I write this we are starting to take small steps towards re-opening schools and businesses across the country. We are still seeing extraordinarily high numbers of both new infections and tragic deaths from Covid-19. It does look like the reproductive value, referred to as the “R rate”, is dropping which is a really encouraging sign. I wish everyone, so harshly affected by the pandemic, my heartfelt well wishes and hope for a future in which the virus is diminished and many people are able to return to seeing their loved ones and safely returning to their school or work places.

Whilst we have been in lock-down we have continued to provide our services online including our training, groups, events and meetings. Everyone in the team is working from home and we have been supporting our friends, colleagues and partner organisations with work on the ground. Many people are experiencing real hardship, we are learning of cases of extreme poverty, homelessness, increases in violence including hate crime and domestic violence and abuse, as well as hunger. Everyone is working tirelessly to overcome these impacts from the pandemic at the local and global level.

In this issue of our newsletter you will find out more about our services and those of our friends and partners working towards an inclusive society. These include updates on homelessness services, volunteering opportunities, the impact on our environment, and on jobs, training and careers.

We have also kept busy sharing as much factual information as possible across all our social media platforms. You can keep up-to-date by following us our social media including: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Finally, please enjoy the newsletter and most importantly stay safe and well.

Berkeley Wilde, Director, The Diversity Trust CIC, June 2020

As usual, big thanks to David Sully and Frank Duffy. David ensures our newsletters are written in Plain English and Frank turns this into an artwork! We hope you enjoy this issue.

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