We’ve collated feedback from a Transgender Awareness Training session which Cheryl Morgan and Aaron Barnes co-delivered (with lived experience shared by other trans people) to University of Plymouth in October 2020.

This is feedback from some of the participants:

“Such a great session, thank you. The facilitators were all excellent, their knowledge and willingness to share very personal and often difficult and upsetting experiences was just so honest and brave and I feel privileged to have listened to their stories (and also very angry at some of my fellow ‘humans’). The training has only emphasised how important it is for me to be a good ally.”  – Claire Daniells

“Amazing training, I’d recommend to anyone! I came with a million questions and really enjoyed having a safe space to ask them. I never felt singled out or silly for asking them. The breakout rooms worked really well for me as I feel anxious speaking up in front of a large group, and it personalised the experience. Thanks so much all!!” – Sophie Burgess

Fab course thank you. Very interesting and informative. This will help a lot working with students and recognising the challenges they are going through, but also with working within the equality and diversity committee.  All staff were also incredibly inspiring.” – Clare Embling

“This is an incredibly valuable session. Thank you for your courage and willingness to share your stories.” – Amanda Young


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