We’ve collated feedback from It’s About Race training sessions, delivered by Russel Thomas and Errol Pitter to Ministry of Justice in July 2021. 

This is some of the feedback that we received…

Joseph Reilly, the client lead, said: “This was a great session for people to attend. It was extremely informative and was a great learning experience about our society.” 

These are some testimonials from the participants:

Thanks so much for an inspiring session and a safe space to ask questions and take in lots of information.”  Bryony Long

“Pat and Errol were brilliant trainers – so much shared experience that was very interesting to hear about.”  Liz Giles

“Thank you for your help and guidance. The speakers were fantastic. It was also important for people to keep their cameras on so they stay engaged, it is good for you to push this.”  Toby


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