We’ve collated feedback from It’s About Race training sessions, delivered by Lateesha Osbourne to LTK in Aug 2021. 

This is some of the feedback that we received…

Dave Murray, Managing Director, Europe, LTK and client lead, said: “We had the fantastic opportunity to be part of an engaging and influential workshop with Lateesha. The open discussion helped the team share and build on collective experiences and feedback in a safe space. Lateesha’s expertise, passion and talent to break down a complex topic and apply it to our industry meant the team came away with practical learnings. We look forward to putting the insights she shared into practise for improving representation for minoritised people in the influencer space.” 

These are some testimonials from the participants:

“I’d love to attend more workshops and continue having these important conversations about racial inequality. I’m always interested in improving my knowledge and bettering my actions, both professionally and personally, and these workshops really help with that.” Keziah Miller

“I really enjoyed the session and how interactive it was. It was great to go into breakout rooms and discuss topics further so everyone had a chance to share their views and have insightful conversations. The session flew by and I’d be happy to do future training sessions with the Diversity Trust to learn more, for example unconscious bias. This is something that would be incredibly useful for our office so we can continue the conversation and learn more/become more confident to have these conversations + make changes” Reena

“There is an appetite from the team to have more training sessions similar to this!” Simone Charles

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