We’ve collated feedback from Equality, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training sessions, delivered by Steve Morley and It’s About Race, delivered by Errol pitter to Imara in September 2021. 

This is some of the feedback that we received…

The client lead said: “A really insightful and informative session. It feels like you have given our organisation the language and tools to continue this conversation and make changes. Thank you for your gentle and respectful approach which felt challenging but safe.”

These are some testimonials from the participants of the Equality, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion session:

“Thank you for your personal touch and stories that made this training really impactful. I really enjoyed it and found it so helpful. Felt like it gave me confidence to try and be more active in starting conversations and acting when this is needed.” Mel

“Really accessible training well delivered loved the approach it’s ok to feel uncomfortable.” Sue

These are some testimonials from the participants of the It’s About Race session:

“I found the training really engaging and thought it was a good blend of personal story, short videos, action points and lots of clarity about the purpose of the training.” Cath Wakeman

“A huge thank you to Pat and Errol for sharing their story with us and creating this workshop for us all to learn how to be more inclusive.” Kat Dodd

“I enjoyed the sharing of personal stories and honesty of the trainers.” Tara Tan

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