We’ve collated feedback from Transgender Awarenesstraining sessions delivered by Cheryl Morgan, Aaron Barnes, Sammy Walker and Casey to Hey Girls in June 2021. 

This is some of the feedback that we received…

Celia Hodson, Founder and CEO of Hey Girls and client lead, said: “Thank you so much for the session with the Hey Girls team today. We had some laughs, some tears and vast levels of learnings. I’m very aware that as a team, we have an open and keen curiosity about gender, menstruation, and emotions so thank you for your openness to share your personal experiences. Your personal journeys, bravery and strength moved me and have given me cause for deep reflection. I know now that there are conversations I need to have at a personal level. Who knew that three years ago when I set up a social enterprise called Hey Girls, a family term of endearment to my daughters, the name would have caused such consternation. I know it’s the right time to revisit who we are and what we stand for. It’s tricky to talk about Hey Girls and our customers as a team, tribe, community filled with love and respect, knowing that our name excludes people from the conversation. Thank you again for creating a safe space for us to have a number of incredible conversations today. Please know that I am 100% committed to moving our social enterprise into action on inclusivity.”

These are some testimonials from the participants:

“I found the training so powerful, emotional, amazing. The people sharing their experiences so openly was an incredible experience. I would recommend this training for everyone. I enjoyed how the trainers made you feel safe to ask questions to get the most out of the opportunity.” Kate Smith

“All the trainers were great and brought something different to each break out room. I thought Aaron was particularly awesome – they way he explained offensive, and how people are hurting and feeling divisive – I think that was the key takeaway for me.”  Rechenda

“Thank you for your openness, understanding and patience. Everyone in the team has something to take away for both professional and personal development. This session lit a fire in my belly!” Kirsten Blackburn


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