We’ve collated feedback from Equality, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training sessions, delivered by Steve Morley to Atlantic Pacific, including one by webinar in March 2022.

This is some of the feedback that we received for the webinar…

Jasmine Samura, client lead, said: “Invaluable training, delivered in a digestible and informative way. Sensitive topics were handled in a professional manner and questions were met with practical answers.”

These are some testimonials from the session participants:

“Stephen, our instructor/teacher/mentor was an extremely nice person, and delivered the training in alliance with the subject matter: without judgement, empathetic to our needs and with a clear belief in the cause. I would say that his manner and method of delivery were what made the message so strong. I learnt a lot from the way in which he conducted the session and why it is so important to be an empathetic instructor.” Robin jenkins

“I enjoyed Stephen’s approach. He is easy to listen to and clearly very experienced.” Hugh Davies

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