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The Diversity Trust are in solidarity with all those standing up to ensure justice for George Floyd, as well as demanding systemic reforms.

We empathise with the anger and frustration felt over another heinous crime, it is understandable that people are protesting in the streets. Enough. Is. Enough.

We urge everyone protesting to stay safe in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic.  A pandemic that has claimed too many lives – including a disproportionately high number of Black and Minority Ethnic members of our communities.

We are redoubling our efforts, continuing the work we have done tirelessly for the last 8 years to bring about systemic change. Using our lived experience, and evidence-based approaches, influencing social change, to achieve a fairer and safer society:

Impact Reports

Alongside our long-time partners, SARI, we stand in absolute solidarity with “imagining and creating a world free of anti-Blackness, where every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive”, because Black Lives Matter.

Russell J Thomas, Director of the Diversity Trust and our Race Equality lead said:

“There is not one way to experience racism, we all feel and experience it in different ways, but it is without a doubt a shared experience!  Whether we are white or black the impact of racism can be felt and seen, it might be subtle or brutal but it is there and needs to be acknowledged and challenged. Now… while we are conscious and awake, let’s take this opportunity to make sure we make a lasting difference.”

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5 June 2020

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