Trans Health & Wellbeing Research Report

We have launched our Trans Health, Care and Wellbeing Research Report; in partnership with our Local Healthwatch*


Headline Findings

  • 225 trans and non-binary people took part in the project
  • 205 people took part in an online survey
  • 20 people took part in interviews and focus groups
  • Age range from <16 to 80 years
  • Average age – 36 years
  • Transgender identity – 71%
  • Cisgender identity – 25%
  • Other gender identity – 4%
  • 27% have waited a year or more for a first appointment
  • 31% have not yet been seen
  • 33% of participants had a physical health condition
  • 47% of participants had a mental health condition
  • 71% of participants had sought help for anxiety or depression
  • 57% of participants had self-harmed or self-injured themselves
  • 71% of participants had thought about suicide
  • 40% of participants had planned suicide
  • 16% of participants frequently used alcohol
  • 5% of participants felt they used alcohol too much
  • 1 in 5 participants said they felt unsafe
  • 1/3 feel unsafe in some situations
  • 60% of participants had been called names in the street
  • 13% of participants had been subject to violence
  • 60 % of participants said they felt discriminated against because of their gender identity
  • 47% of participants felt discriminated whilst at work
  • 30% of participants felt discriminated against in the health care system

You can read the summary report here Final summary report

You can read the full report here Healthwatch Trans Health, Care and Wellbeing Report 03.04.18

*Local Healthwatch includes: Healthwatch B&NES, Healthwatch Bristol, Healthwatch North Somerset, Healthwatch South Gloucestershire, Healthwatch Swindon and Healthwatch Wiltshire.

Evidence for Change

Bristol Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Health and Wellbeing Research Report September 2016

Update! Gay & Bisexual Men in Somerset

We have been working with the Somerset Equality Officers Group (SEOG) to update the gay and bisexual men’s community in Somerset on what has been achieved since we published our research report in February 2015.

Achieving the Equality Standard

The Diversity Trust, working in partnership with the Substance Misuse Team at Bristol City Council, has launched a new resource for the substance misuse sector in the city.

New research with older gay and bisexual men living in rural communities

The Diversity Trust has published a new report exploring the experiences of older gay and bisexual men living in rural communities in Somerset. The report includes case studies, and biographies of older gay and bisexual men, and makes a number of recommendations for service providers to increase accessibility and remove barriers to services for the community.

LGBTQ Young People in South Gloucestershire

A new report by the Diversity Trust explores the key areas of discrimination and inequality, as well as the positive experiences LGBTQ young people have, of living in the area.

Review of Sexual Health Services

We have carried out a review of sexual health services for Somerset Partnership NHS Trust. The review included an audit of services, as well as work with young people in different settings, to explore improving access to services in the area. The review focussed on the experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans young people in the county.

New Research Report on Substance Misuse Services

We have launched a new report on access to substance misuse services by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans communities in Bristol. The report highlights the need for specialist and targeted services to improve the reach to LGB and Trans communities in Bristol.