The Diversity Trust has published a new report exploring the experiences of older gay and bisexual men living in rural communities in Somerset. The report includes case studies, and biographies of older gay and bisexual men, and makes a number of recommendations for service providers to increase accessibility and remove barriers to services for the community.

Berkeley Wilde, the report author said: “We have been having conversations with individuals and groups of gay and bisexual men in the county over the past year and we have gathered these stories of men’s experiences together into this new report. The report discusses the loneliness and isolation some men experience living in the area as well as the sense of community and belonging other men experience. It paints a mixed picture of life in the county and shows the importance of community and belonging.”

“Whilst HIV and sexual health remains a priority with gay and bisexual men in relation to public health, the need for interventions around emotional health and wellbeing, especially mental health, are of concern for gay and bisexual men. From our research we have found higher levels of anxiety and depression, self harm and suicidal ideation amongst gay and bisexual men.”

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