Trans Health Research Report Launched

Today we launched our Trans Health, Care and Wellbeing Research Report; in partnership with our Local Healthwatch*

Headline Findings

  • 225 trans and non-binary people took part in the project
  • 205 people took part in an online survey
  • 20 people took part in interviews and focus groups
  • Age range from <16 to 80 years
  • Average age – 36 years
  • Transgender identity – 71%
  • Cisgender identity – 25%
  • Other gender identity – 4%
  • 27% have waited a year or more for a first appointment
  • 31% have not yet been seen
  • 33% of participants had a physical health condition
  • 47% of participants had a mental health condition
  • 71% of participants had sought help for anxiety or depression
  • 57% of participants had self-harmed or self-injured themselves
  • 71% of participants had thought about suicide
  • 40% of participants had planned suicide
  • 16% of participants frequently used alcohol
  • 5% of participants felt they used alcohol too much
  • 1 in 5 participants said they felt unsafe
  • 1/3 feel unsafe in some situations
  • 60% of participants had been called names in the street
  • 13% of participants had been subject to violence
  • 60 % of participants said they felt discriminated against because of their gender identity
  • 47% of participants felt discriminated whilst at work
  • 30% of participants felt discriminated against in the health care system

You can read the Final_summary_report

You can read the Healthwatch_Trans_Health__Care_and_Wellbeing_Report_03.04.18

*Local Healthwatch includes: Healthwatch B&NES, Healthwatch Bristol, Healthwatch North Somerset, Healthwatch South Gloucestershire, Healthwatch Swindon and Healthwatch Wiltshire.



Trans Plus Health Survey Online

The Trans Plus Health Survey is part of a community-based research project, being delivered by the Diversity Trust, and funded by our Local Healthwatch. It is designed to find out about the health and wellbeing of Trans people in our local area; and about Trans people’s experiences of local services.

Trans Health Matters

For the past five years the Diversity Trust has been researching the health needs of LGBT+ people and has found evidence to support national findings on Trans experiences. To continue this work we are please to announce that we are working with the Local Healthwatch across Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire to identify the specific needs of local Trans people. Throughout the project we will gather local anecdotes, and patient experiences, from Trans people to feedback to local NHS health service commissioners and providers and to our local Healthwatch.

LGBT+ Health Research Report

We have launched our latest LGBT+ health research report. The report called ‘Evidence for Change’ is published in partnership with the local Healthwatch.

Every Victim Matters

Stand Against Racism & Inequality (SARI), the regional charity for tackling hate crime, are very pleased to announce they have secured a new 5 year grant from Big Lottery. The project, ‘Every Victim Matters’, will support victims of hate crime throughout the counties of Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and Somerset. Project partners include The Diversity Trust, Taunton CAB, Compass Disability and Brandon Trust.

Speaking Out On Gender Identity Services

In a potentially significant step for trans people, Healthwatch Devon has issued a major report into the experiences, views and opinions of people using Gender Identity Services in England. Healthwatch has “significant statutory powers to ensure the voice of the consumer is strengthened and heard by those who commission, deliver and regulate health and care … Continued