Substance Misuse Matters

Welcome to Diversity News Summer 2016.

In this newsletter we’ve focussed on substance misuse, with special features on alcohol and drug services in our work and with others.
We also included an update on Golden Keys in Bristol, how to make your documents accessible. We featured two reports about our work with Bristol Recovery Orientated Alcohol and Drug Service, known as Bristol ROADS. We’ll tell you all about IDAHOBIT and Bristol Pride day, as well as an in-depth look at Chemsex.

You’ll also see an update on the Avon & Somerset Police campaign, which encourages men to report rape and sexual assault. Toward the end of our newsletter there’s news about LGBT+ health needs in Bristol and much, much more.

Given the recent tragic events in places such as Orlando and other parts of the US, and the tragedies in Iraq and Turkey, we’re doing our best to raise the importance of embracing and celebrating diversity. In this newsletter you’ll read about our work, on putting on events to raise awareness of diversity as well as our research, training and consultancy projects. We hope you’ll continue to work with us to build a really inclusive and diverse society.

Happy reading, we’re only an email, call or tweet away.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer and keep safe.

Berkeley Wilde, Director of the Diversity Trust

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