Diversity News – Autumn 2015

Welcome to Diversity News, our Autumn 2015 newsletter, from the Diversity Trust.

This newsletter highlights how we “reach out” to local communities.

One way in which we reach out is by doing ‘Health Needs Assessments’ with communities across the West of England.

So far we’ve assessed, and then published reports, on ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Questioning’ health needs in Bath & North East Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire. These reports included a focus on young people’s needs in Somerset and South
Gloucestershire. We also explored the needs of older gay and bisexual men living in rural Somerset. So far our research is adding to a growing body of evidence. We’re doing further Health Needs Assessments for Healthwatch in Bristol and for Bath & North East Somerset Council. You’ll see articles about our ndings in Diversity News and we can help you implement our recommendations within your services and communities.

For example, our LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment report for South Gloucestershire Council highlighted that young LGBTQ people needed more information and support. We’ve worked with a local café to launch the rst LGBTQ Youth Café in Yate backed by South Gloucestershire Council in April 2015. Page 14 has more information. We look forward to working with you to create more success stories by ‘reaching out’ with our Health Needs Assessments.

Berkeley Wilde, Director of the Diversity Trust

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