Need new ideas for your business? Hire more autistic staff!

Ideas are the lifeblood of innovation. Without new ideas, development in all areas stagnates, be it new products, services, ways of doing things, or new solutions to old problems. The appetite in society for the new, for the next big thing, is insatiable; hence the long queues outside shops selling the latest model. A business … Continued

The Diversity Trust Podcast #6 Samantha Renke – Disability Equality

Listen to the full podcast interview here…  The Diversity Trust #6 [The Diversity Trust Podcast] Samantha Renke – Disability Equality  Listen to a snippet here…  [#6 Soundbite 1] Samantha Renke – Disabled by the Environment “I’ll always have my impairment, you know, no matter where I am, even if I’m on the moon. But, depending … Continued

Why do we celebrate Gay Pride Month and why does it still matter?

  Every year, throughout June, there are gay pride festivals and events across the world. These celebrations mark the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which began outside the Stonewall Inn, Greenwich Village, in New York City in late June 1969. The weekend of rioting is acknowledged as the birthplace of the modern gay liberation movement. … Continued

Statement re: George Floyd and Black Lives Matter – June 2020

The Diversity Trust are in solidarity with all those standing up to ensure justice for George Floyd, as well as demanding systemic reforms. We empathise with the anger and frustration felt over another heinous crime, it is understandable that people are protesting in the streets. Enough. Is. Enough. We urge everyone protesting to stay safe in light of … Continued

Are Your Work From Home Options Accessible?

The rise in work-from-home opportunities has been a huge boost to the disabled and chronically ill communities. Accessible jobs are on the increase, free education offerings abound and on-line opportunities to connect with others are growing. People are increasingly open to expanding their networks and the sense of community is growing as increasing numbers of … Continued

The Diversity Trust Podcast #5 Tanmanjeet Dhesi MP – Faith Equality

  Listen to the full podcast interview here… The Diversity Trust #5 [The Diversity Trust Podcast] Tanmanjeet Dhesi – Faith Activist  Listen to a snippet here…  [#5 Soundbite 1] Tanmanjeet Dhesi MP – Words Have Consequences  “… when individuals in places of prominence, whether that is in public life, whether that’s in politics, whether that’s … Continued

Mental Health & Wellbeing During Covid19

This page has been created with the vision to share helpful, supportive, and accessible resource during this challenging time. Coronavirus: Think Global, Act Local for protecting: you; our NHS; and the most vulnerable. Our wellbeing, mental health and safety is at risk during this challenging time. It is very common to feel concerned, anxious or … Continued

Coronavirus – Thinking Globally, Acting Locally.

During our lock down, most industries and people are taking a break from the rat race. From the daily grind of commuting, offices, meetings, seminars, commuting home, microwave meals, sleep and then repeat. I’m generalising, but we often overload our days, trying to fit everything in, which leaves little time to reflect on our lives. … Continued