With the increase in international migration and technological transformation, societal cultures are evolving. This necessitates that organisations should also adapt to the changing times so that their membership and processes are reflective of wider society values. However, to achieve this organisational leader’s must be conscious of societal needs (and those of other stakeholders), they must be aware of their own prejudices and frailties and support the empowerment and wellbeing of staff as well as themselves.

This course is designed by Dr Howard Haughton author of ‘Woken Leader’ to support those in a senior leadership position within your organisation to develop skills to enable them to be effective inclusive leaders.

Learning points, to:

  • Obtain a workable understanding of the differences between diversity or non-exclusion and inclusion.
  • Understand how to apply principles of empowerment to enhance engagement of staff and increase inclusivity.
  • Understand how to incorporate principles of reflection in identifying strengths weaknesses in self and others.
  • Understand how to incorporate principles of wellbeing leadership to enhance inclusivity.
  • Understand the importance of and how to apply corporate citizenship in recruitment efforts.

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