For the Diversity Trust, Gina is: Administrator (Communications and Training Teams)

Gina is a highly competent administrator having worked in multiple roles from an Executive Assistant, to providing support to a team of recruitment consultants, through to working her way up from administrator to managerial level in an insurance firm.  Originally from South Africa, she excelled as a professional dancer in her early career.  Realising that a dance career may not be forever, she decided to pursue a career in business operations.  She’s experienced several industries including health, recruitment, insurance and film.

Having lived in both South Africa and the UK, she’s attuned to different cultural contexts and is always keen to make a positive difference wherever she can.  In South Africa, she participated in her dance company’s pro bono outreach programme for underserved communities facing extreme poverty.  They ran an activity programme, giving children the opportunity to take part in fun, engaging and interactive activities which were transformative for both the facilitators and participants alike.

Gina is very people orientated.  She has strong interpersonal skills and develops a good rapport with everyone, both of which help her provide an excellent service to all internal and external stakeholders at the Diversity Trust.