For the Diversity Trust, El Green is a part time youth worker, specialising in working with LGBT+ young people.

El Green is a part time youth worker in South Gloucestershire helping with the Alphabets Youth Project and the schools project, which goes into both primary and secondary schools.

The Diversity Trust’s schools project raises awareness of LGBT+ in an education setting, giving children and young people the opportunity to explore the issue in a safe and supportive environment.  There’s been an uptick in primary school demand for the project, so El is researching how this need can be met with a view to securing further funding.

Aged 16, El initially joined the Alphabets Youth Project as a member.  It was a game changer for him as he describes it as having ‘an atmosphere of positive regard’, while being surrounded by likeminded people and positive role models helped him immeasurably on his own journey towards self-acceptance.  El became more deeply embedded in the group, helping out and offering his services to represent LGBT+ young people.  When he turned 18, he was invited to become a volunteer youth leader.  He did this, eventually stepping into the role of youth leader for 6-months until a replacement leader was appointed.  He still works as a youth leader and plans to stay involved in both Alphabets and the schools project while he’s studying at university.

El is keen to give back and to support other LGBT+ young people through Alphabets and the schools project.  For him, it is incredibly rewarding to see the LGBT+ young people grow and a privilege to be part of their journey.

A natural public speaker, he is committed to advocating and championing on behalf of the LGBT+ community whenever the opportunity arises.  He’s previously worked as a carer in a home for older people with dementia, as a swimming instructor for children and young people and worked alongside the younger generation when he volunteered with St John Ambulance. El will be studying Paramedicine at university.