The Diversity Trust is proud to partner with Tulipshare.

Tulipshare is an activist investment platform that empowers retail investors to invest their money to promote ethical change. Tulipshare enables retail investors to join activist campaigns to influence the corporate governance of publicly traded companies. While activist investing isn’t new, it can require heavy capital investment and often excludes the retail shareholder – often leaving it up to institutional investors to decide how publicly traded companies conduct their business. Through Tulipshare, individual investors have the potential to have a say in the way public companies are conducting their business in a way that was previously not possible. To learn more, visit*

“We’re honoured to be working alongside The Diversity Trust. Our partnership is an opportunity to educate our users around how training programs at large corporations can influence positive social change and create a fairer and safer society. In addition, this will help us as we seek to positively engage with corporations around these issues by providing them with a toolkit and wealth of information on the value of The Diversity Trust can provide them on their journey to inclusivity.” Antoine Argouges, founder and CEO of Tulipshare


With investment, your capital is at risk. Tulipshare is an Appointed Representative of RiskSave Technologies, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN:775330.)


Click here to visit the Tulipshare website.