Global Partner


The Diversity Trust is proud to partner with the India Diversity Forum.

India’s first and only industry body working towards creating awareness about Diversity and Inclusion in the Indian context. Dedicated to reducing conflict at workplaces, IDF is working towards bringing a single-minded focus around diversity and inclusion at an organisation, government and national level. As an industry agnostic and company agnostic body, IDF currently has the support of 350+ member companies, making it the leading D&I Voice of India. These member companies include leading organisations across India, and members of their leadership team opt to become company representatives.

IDF’s industry councils have organisations from specific sectors as their members. Each Industry Council meets once a quarter to discuss and share their journey on diversity and inclusion with focus on gender, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disability, multi-generational workforce, cognitive employees, women employment, pay parity, safety and wellbeing of employees, team sensitisation and much more. The councils also share best practices and equal opportunity employment with each other, allowing them to adopt industry proven strategies and policies.


Click here to visit the India Diversity Forum website.