The Diversity Trust is proud to partner with the distillery on the Diversity Type Project.

distillery is a multiple award winning international content studio, with clients across Tech, FMCG’s and NGO’s, that specialises in helping brands win fans.

“The Diversity Trust’s mission to influence social change in order to create a fairer and safer society really stood out to us as a value reflected in the Diversity Type Project itself. We very strongly agree with the idea that together, through conversation, awareness and education, we have the ability to help eliminate discrimination and victimisation within our communities and industries. This mission is very powerful, and we want to support it by choosing The Diversity Trust as one of the partners we donate to through our Diversity Type Project.” Steve Wheen, CEO, distillery

Berkeley Wilde, Strategic Director said: “The Diversity Trust mission is to influence social change, we are all about creating a fairer and safer society. We do this through education, awareness and campaigns. We are delighted to support this campaign, which aligns with our core values. We want to make sure everyone is included and that no one is left out or unheard. Join us today and spread the word about this important campaign.”

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