For the Diversity Trust, Amit is a Consultant in:

  • It’s About Race
  • Unconscious Bias


Amit has worked as a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) specialist for over 20 years holding senior positions as an in-house specialist, advisor and external consultant. He is able to draw lessons from the private, public and NGO sectors.

Amit is committed to developing D&I excellence on the foundations of anti-discrimination practice and conscious inclusion principles and has supported many organisations with developing D&I strategies.  He’s a great believer in doing ‘diversity differently’ by embracing new approaches that drive D&I thought leadership within the context of organisational change, innovation and wellbeing strategies.

He has chaired a cross-sector D&I board, is founder and chair of the first Race Equality Taskforce for the English and Welsh Bar, and chaired a European education D&I forum.  Whilst at the Bar, Amit created and launched a successful Race Equality Reverse Mentoring Scheme.  Additionally, Amit holds the position of Interim Deputy Director, Leadership, Inclusion and Organisational Experience, Berkshire NHS Trust.

For the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), Amit managed the day-to-day delivery of the sector’s diversity programme targeted at 608,000 employees across the UK. Whilst consulting for Strategy Foresight Partnership, Amit created and piloted a morphological management diversity audit tool, tackling D&I as a wicked problem. Amit has delivered numerous D&I national and global contracts within the health, education and corporate sectors that have all included mentoring leaders to deliver D&I best practice.

Throughout his career Amit has published numerous D&I articles, most recently for Counsel magazine, ‘No Place for Systemic Racism’, and the Think Publishing Journal Project, Making Diversity Happen, ‘How Using a Project Management Framework can Instill ED&I’.  He has co-edited 2 books: Managing Diversity in the Workplace and Making Diversity Happen.  He was editor of the Race and Regeneration journal for which he also wrote an article about Local Strategic Partnerships and race equality.  For the Third Sector Journal, he wrote ‘Trustee Talk – Governance and Diversity’ and for Diversity Exchange Journal April 2006, penned an article entitled: ‘Achieving Real Diversity in the Arts World’.

Amit was a Visiting Fellow of the University of Essex lecturing on D&I for three years.  He is a certified interpersonal mediator, UK Mediation, where he has navigated through complex mediations and investigations that have had a particular D&I focus.

As a current board member of the Good Faith Foundation, Amit advises on how faith communities can increase social justice impact through collaborative working.