Welcome to the Diversity Trust Spring Newsletter 2020!
This issue is full to the brim with updates and information for you to enjoy.

“In this issue of Diversity News you will notice our theme for 2020; which is equality, diversity and inclusion in the context of the climate crisis and environmental action. During 2019 we launched a series of podcasts titled “Thinking Globally, Acting Locally” and throughout this year you will see and hear more of our campaigns focusing on the climate crisis. And in particular the impact the climate crisis is having on diverse communities around the world. I want to say a personal thank you to Manu Maunganidze who wrote a recent guest blog post on Equality in the Green Sector. You can read Manu’s post by clicking here blog.” Berkeley Wilde, Director, Diversity Trust

As usual, big thanks to David Sully and Frank Duffy. David ensures our newsletters are written in Plain English and Frank turns this into an artwork! We hope you enjoy this issue.

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