Pronouns (him/his)


For the Diversity Trust, Steven is the Finance Manager.

Steven is a long-term supporter of the Diversity Trust and its mission to address equalities issues.  Initially, the Trust’s accountancy services provider, he then formally joined the Diversity Trust as the Finance Manager. This role has grown in tandem with the Diversity Trust as the Trust has scaled and diversified.  Services that Steven provides include core operational functions relating to financial management, such as invoicing and payroll.

Steven originally trained as a management accountant and, throughout his career, worked across multiple industries and sectors, from big corporates to the NHS. He then set-up his own consultancy, specialising in SMEs, self-employed people and not-for-profits; the Diversity Trust was amongst his client portfolio.

As a longstanding member of the LGBT+ community, Steven has been a pioneer supporting and championing the community at every opportunity.  In the past, Steven has been involved in Equality South-West and the Intercom Trust, an LGBT+ support group.

Always a keen volunteer, Steven volunteers in a charity shop and helps Go Beyond, a charity which offers disadvantaged children a holiday break.  Steven is also a Trustee (Treasurer) for Taunton Association of Psychotherapy (TAP).