For the Diversity Trust, Sarika is a Consultant in:
• It’s About Race
• Unconscious Bias


Sarika is a finance and corporate governance professional who champions equality, diversity and inclusion, both in the workplace and community.

Sarika became passionate about improving equality and diversity whilst studying history at the University of Oxford, at a time when ethnic minorities were particularly unrepresented in the institution. She has since advocated strongly for change, as a peer supporter for disabled students working with Oxford Counselling Service to support community outreach, and towards anti-racism, disability rights and anti-sexual violence. As part of the wider community, she promotes diversity through her art: creating artworks based on her lived experience and championing diversity through exhibitions and workshops.

Sarika has experience of youth work, education and the charity sector, as well as finance, audit and consulting. She participates in the Diversity & Inclusion community of the Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales.

Sarika is interested in the best practice for organisational cultures and corporate governance, and previously held a committee role within the National Audit Office diversity network, advising on strategy and a programme of staff engagement.