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Research & Development

We have been delivering a programme of research & development, with our client and partner organisations, on equality, diversity and inclusion.


Addiction Recovery Agency

We have been working with the Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA) to help increase engagement with equalities communities.

To read the “Clear Read” version of the report click here
To read the “Easy Read” version of the report click here
To receive a copy of the full report (MS Word) please email


‘Equality and Diversity Toolkit’

We have been working in partnership with Safer Bristol to produce an ‘Equality and Diversity Toolkit’ for substance misuse services. We have produced an ‘Equalities Standard’, ‘Good Practice Guidance’, Fact Sheets, a DVD and an online resource. Click onto the links below to access the resources.

Download the ‘Good Practice Guidance’ click here
Download the ‘Equalities Standard’ click here
Download the Fact Sheets (positive images, monitoring and evaluation, consulting with equalities communities, training, policy and procedures, representation and participation) click here

View interviews conducted whilst developing the ‘Equality and Diversity Toolkit’ DVD on Diversity Trust TV

To read the Equality & Diversity Toolkit Evaluation Report click here


‘Tackling Stigma and Discrimination’

We have been working with the Safer Bristol Partnership Substance Misuse Team to develop a workshop for substance misuse service providers on tackling stigma and discrimination. The workshop arose as a need when developing the Equality and Diversity Toolkit (see above). To download the resources please click onto the links.

Tackling Stigma and Discrimination presentation slides (requires MS PowerPoint) click here
Human Bingo (requires MS PowerPoint) click here
Assertiveness handout for practice sessions (requires MS Word) click here

If you would like to enquire about providing facilitated half-day workshops on tackling stigma and discrimination please email


‘Delivering Equality’

We have been working with health and social care service providers to increase the profile of equality and diversity within health and social care services. To download the logo click here to download the poster click here

NHS Somerset and Somerset LINk jointly commissioned the Diversity Trust to research the experiences of health and social care with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans (LGB and Trans) communities in Somerset. Here are the results:

Download a pdf of the Executive Summary click here
Download a pdf of the Full Report click here
Download a pdf of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (public summary) click here

Access free LGB&T training materials and resources click here


‘Seldom Heard’

North Bristol Hospitals Trust (NBT) commissioned us to produce a report and action plan on ‘Involving and Consulting ’hard to reach’ patient groups’. Here are the results:

Download a PDF Version of the report click here
Download a PDF Version of the action plan click here


‘Sorted Out’: Bristol Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans Survey

Safer Bristol commissioned us to make recommendations on the monitoring of gender identity and sexual orientation and to identify the prevalence and patterns of substance use amongst LGB and Trans communities, and to make recommendations to improve access to services for LGB and Trans communities. Here are the results:

Download a pdf of the Executive Summary click here

Download a pdf of the Report click here


‘Secret Loves, Hidden Lives’

We supported the University of Bristol to produce a report and resources ‘Secret Loves, Hidden Lives’. ‘Secret Loves’ explores the lives and gender and sexuality identities of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans people with learning difficulties and learning disabilities. To download a copy of the Executive Summary report please click here

For copies of the report and resources please email


At Diversity Trust we believe in sharing information to increase best practice across the equality, diversity and inclusion sector.

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