T. 0844 800 4425

South Gloucestershire LGBT+ Equality Network

Date: Monday 9th October 2017 Times: 5.30-8.30pm

Venue: Kingswood Civic Centre, High St, Bristol BS15 9TR

Admin: info@diversitytrust.org.uk

Telephone: 0844 800 4425 Mobile: 07747 752 454

Working Together To Improve Access to Services For LGBT+ Communities in South Gloucestershire

Event Themes:
  • Importance of LGBT+ role models
  • Promoting LGBT+ mental health and wellbeing
  • LGBT+ good practice
  • Focus on coming out
  • Creating a safe space for LGBT+ people

  • Events

    LGBTQ Youth Cafe open in Yate

    Date: Sunday 24th September 2017, 7-9pm


    Admin: Email

    Telephone: 01454 869 441