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Social and Support Group in Bristol for LGBT People with Learning Disabilities

Date: Thursday 22nd June 2017, 3.30 – 5.30 (afternoon)

Venue: Saint Stephen’s Cafe, 21 Saint Stephens St, Bristol

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Telephone: Tracy 07876 814592 to find out more

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Are You Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans?

A chance to meet other people. Meet up with old friends and new ones. Meet for fun.
For people with learning disabilities who live, work or go to college in Bristol.

Lesbian – a woman who fancies and loves other women.

Gay man – a man who fancies and loves other men.

Bisexual – a person who fancies and loves both men
and women.

Trans – a person born as one sex and wants to live as the other sex. Such as a person who looks like a man may feel inside like a woman. People also say transgender.

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LGBTQ Youth Cafe open in Yate

Date: Sunday 25th June 2017, 7-9pm


Admin: Email

Telephone: 01454 869 441